Whats wrong with 640-801 material?

DerekAustin26DerekAustin26 Member Posts: 275
I have other 802 CCNA books but i wanted to get another source to get other perspectives on the CCNA learning material and accidentally got 640-801... What harm can be done if i read the 801 material? is it okay to read it as an alternate source?


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    jbriggyjbriggy Member Posts: 29 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Short answer: "No harm is done if you read the 801 material"

    Longer Answer: "You can read it, but it probably wont help you pass the exam. The 802 is reflective of the newer technologies in the Cisco world, while weeding out the older ones. For example, In the 801 exam you'll learn about the IGRP routing protocol, which is fine to know, but it's quickly becoming obsolete. The 802 drops this completely, and adds newer technologies that the 801 didnt touch; like wireless topologies.
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