Lotus Domino NSF mailbox file size?

pwjohnstonpwjohnston Member Posts: 441
Anyone here use Domino?

I'm a new Domino administrator and please forgive me if I make comparisons to Exchange because that's what I've mostly used in the past.

Anywho, in Exchange I was generally taught not to let the users mailbox get over 2 GB for fear of corruption. I believe they can go bigger, but this was the practice.

On our current Domino 6.5.5 server I have a number of mailboxes:

24 boxes ranging from 3GB to 9GB
13 boxes ranging from 10GB to 20 GB
2 boxes from 20 to 30 GB
1 box that is whopping 33GB.

I'm using the Domino Admin 7. Should I be worried about this? What are the limits of the nsf size? What are the best practices in regard to this?
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