What certification to pursue?

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I've done various levels of desktop support over the years... To be blunt, I'm sick of it =)

I'm interested in Linux, and would like to pursue a job in it one day. I know experience is king, especially with Linux, but would be a good cert that would perhaps help to open a door?

I don't think RHCE... since I obviously don't have the hands-on, and that's not really a entry level cert.

I know there's either linux+ or the LPIC, but if you happen to do a keyword search on any job board, you get very few hits. (at least, where I'm looking)

..just looking for opinions here.


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    I don't have much in the lines of Linux experience, but I would think that Linux + would be a good starting point. CompTIA is a nationally recognized organization. I am sure some of the other members could be more specific about a cert path for you....it's easy to spot those Linux lovers....just do a search for M$ or look for a penguin avatar. Good Luck
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    My honest opinion is, don't pursue any certification !

    what you need is, get a decent book(s) on linux administration, install linux on one or more machine, and start reading and doing....

    when you feel confident enough, and after reading multiple books and doing a lot of labs, get a job in Linux administration...get at least one year experience, then start worrying about certs :)

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    hi sambuca,

    i agree with jnw,
    i see that you have years of tech support - so go ahead with linux+ (1 exam required) or the LPI (2 exams).
    just learn the material well (not neccesarily those certification specific material, but learning the other wont hurt and also helps you a lot) - inside-out, do the labs, and good luck with job hunting :)

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