RAS and GKTMP similarities

As I'm learning all the infininte acronyms in CCVP, I see a lot of the same ones in RAS and GKTMP (e.g. ACF, ARJ, LRQ, etc.) Is there an easy way to differentiate the messages between these two in my head without getting confused? There seems to be overlap, and the two are not the same thing.
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  • LuckycharmsLuckycharms Member Posts: 267
    Crunchy there not that hard to remember/understand....

    ACF = Admission Confirmation ( A = Admission CF = Confirmation
    ARJ = Admission Rejection ( A = Admission RJ = Rejection
    LRQ = Location Request ( L = Location RQ = Request
    GRJ = Gatekeeper Rejection ( G = Gatekeeper RJ = Rejection
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