CCNA voice lab...is this enough?

bigga12bigga12 Member Posts: 26 ■■□□□□□□□□

I would like some input from those who may be aware, I am looking to set-up a voice lab for use while studying for my CCNA voice and CCVP after that right now I have the following

4 - Cisco 7960s
1 - IP communicator
1 - 2650XM 48F / 256DR (CME soon to be installed)
1 - 1760-V 32F / 96DR FXS / FXO cards installed (thinking about putting CME on here also, need to upgrade memory first)
1 - 3524
1 - 2924

Not sure if any of the remaining devices I used during my CCNA studies can be used, nonetheless I have listed them below

1 - 2610
2 - 2501
1 - 2924

Am I on the right path??

Thanks in advance for your comments


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