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Hello All,

I am currently due to take my security+ exam February 7th (finances willing!) and I find myself still confused between SSH and SSL.

So I made a bite size quiz to help me remember and I thought I would share.

The rules are simple -- no looking up the information until you are completely done.

The questions range from simple (where I made the most mistakes) to the complicated.


1) What does SSH stand for?

2) SSH replaced a common command-line terminal utility; what did SSH replace?

3) Yes or No? Does SSH use asymetric cryptography for connections and authentication and then uses a symmetric algorithim for data encryption?

4) SSH has three secure utilities -- name them.

5) Good! Now briefly what do those utilities do?

The answers (scroll past fast if you don't want to see the answers):

1) Secure Shell

2) Telnet

3) Yes! RCA for the connection and authentication and DES, IDEA, or Blowfish (all symmetric) for data encryption.

4) slogin, ssh, and scp

5) slogin -- a secure login service. Ssh -- secure version of remote shell. Scp -- a secure version of remote copy.



PS Any mistakes are due to lack of coffee and a horde of zombies attacking my cubical
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