I passed the BCMSN

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I took the test on 1/19 and failed with a 796
I took the test again on 1/25 and passed with an 864

I really did bad on voice and spanning-tree the first time around.
I felt strong in spanning-tree, especially since I deal with it so frequently on the job.

I went back and reviewed wireless, voice, and spanning-tree using documents from cisco.com <--- should have been doing this since day 1!!! It really made alot of things click.

I still cant believe, I used the cisco study guide, cbt nuggets, skillsoft, practice with real equipment, and then had to follow that up with cisco.com just get what I think is a mediocre score. Thats alright though, no one can say I dont know this stuff by now.

3 more of these to go.....yikes!
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