vpn client can't ping to internal server

hi all

We have server2003 sp2 as DC and RRAS ,AND Router d-link dir-100 , the client is able to establish a VPN connection , I m able to ping their private ip address leased from my DHCP , however he can't ping he is not getting defualt gateway from my DHCP , I checkout the RRAS I didn't see something wrong . plz any idea tx in advance


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    Have you enable Lan Routing on the RAS Server, also is your dhcp from a predifined pool in RRAS or from the main scope on a dhcp server. Is the RAS server a dhcp server, is it using dhcp relay? etc? Maybe try using conflict error detection if dhcp is maybe handing out addresses already in use. Is there a reservation setup in DHCP for you? Need to know a bit more as could be quite a few reasons why. What iis writtin in the eventlogs on server and pc?
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