Books and resources for Linux+

e24ohme24ohm Member Posts: 151
I am not sure how to start learning for the Linux+ cert from Comptia. What resources in books do any of you recommend? I am super new to Linux, but want to learn I have the Fedora10 book by SAMs, but I feel that this is not a learning tool, but more of a quick over view.

What resources/books, will teach me the needed material that I will need for the test, and what resources/books would teach me the needed material for system administration?

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  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,314 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Linux+ In-Depth is good. I read the McGraw Hill book for mine. It's a great book, but it isn't enough to get you through the exam by itself. I also used Transcender and a lot of hands-on.
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