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In between applying for and managing to keep my own job for the time being at least (damn economy!!), and fighting my way through snow today to get to the testing centre (yes, snow and NOT rain this time in Manchester for a change!) I got through this one today. I've been studying the 294/298 material for a while.

I found that by following the majority of recommendations about reading the question first then hunting through the case study worked great for me and I quickly got into it and found it really, really simple. If you've been paying attention thus far through your MCSE studies then most of the answers jump out at you immediately and you only have to skim through the case study for confirmation.

This was kinda like a top down view on topics learned through 291/293, though I'd suggest that doing it in tandem with the 299 would be best. I used the 298 MS press book (more like a reference book but good enough, if very dry and difficult to read), technet and the 298 and a few 299 CBT's too. I really need to finish this MCSE but I think I'll do the ISA one later this year, just for a change and to use that for the other security elective.

Thanks for posting your experiences and recommendations in this forum folks. Righto, where's my 294 book again? I've got an MCSE to finish! :)
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    Well done Mate

    1 left for the MCSE, you'll be there in no time.

    Enjoy the rest of your day off, its really quiet at work
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    Congrats mate!

    Well chuffed for ya! Good luck with the last one!
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    awesome, congrats! And good luck with the last one!
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    1 test left for MCSE, that in itself should be a motivator.
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    Congrats on the pass, and good luck with 70-294! icon_thumright.gif

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    Hey buddy, not sure how I missed this thread, but all I can say is about time! Wait, I mean congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    +1 to doing 299 simultaneously. I sat those two the same day. I actually used the 299 material to study for this one. The 298 book is like a big collection of checklists and best practices. I would use that more as a real-world security reference than study material.
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