What is exactly in a home router?

I have a small question. what is exactly 'in' a linksys (your company name here) wireless router? Wireless is layer 2. So, is it a router, (4 port) switch, or both? I have seen a video on Youtube and have seen that only one card is inside.



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    A miserable pile of secrets.
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    networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    Most home routers are a router/switch combo, so both. Most have a four or so port switch, wireless ap and a WAN port. The box does the routing between the switch, wireless and the internet.
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    tierstentiersten Member Posts: 4,505
    Assuming a generic home wireless router then it will be wireless AP + router + switch.

    The wireless AP tends to be integrated into the router itself as just another network interface.

    All of the components are usually built into one single PCB now. Early models used to have the wireless interface as a separate card.
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    haha.. lots of 'secrets'

    Thanks for the info guys..
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    Hey, there are secrets because there are stickers that say, "Not for export outside of the USA!"
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    They are "swouters" as Jeremy Cioara puts it.
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