VCP Test Feb 13th.

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I am going to schedule my exam for Feb. 13th. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or things I need to go over before then. This I have studied:

* ESX Installing and Configuration - November 18th - Completed
* 1.5 years experience with ESX Host/Virtual Center
* Reread course material
* Read all pdf documentation
* Have a test ESXi environment for study
* Passed VMware mock exam (95%/100%)
* Gone over VMware vcp-310 blueprint and doubled up on tough categories
* VMware ESX Reference Card

I feel pretty confident, but am up for any suggestions as I have heard it is a tough test.

This is a huge change of pace from the MCSE I just got through. Been doing MS for 6+ years compared to VMware ESX 1.5 years.


  • davidspirovalentinedavidspirovalentine Senior Member Member Posts: 353 ■■■■□□□□□□

    Yr ready. I havent taken it yet but i see ou have all the material and resources to zoom through it.

    I heard its mostly trivia stuff, and Dynamic read like the WHOLE exam cram and he said the test didnt do much on that so i guess you would be as ready as you will ever be.

    If you dont mind, How old are you? im doing the VCP as well but damn im unexperienced...You are pretty well off!

    Good Luck Bro
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    Sounds like you're more than ready to me. I had about the same level of experience when I took the class last September and spent less than a week afterwards studying for the exam.

    Most of the test was covered directly in the I&C course, but familiarizing yourself with the entire blueprint will help fill in the gaps. Knowing the minimum and maximum configuration items is good, and if you spent any time in class discussing whether running something in a VM was a good idea or not, be prepared for questions that present both scenarios (physical host vs. virtual guest).
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  • luckybobluckybob Member Member Posts: 65 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I am 29, not looking forward to 30.

    I was actually one of the more outspoken in the class. I just don;t get home some people can drop 3K on the course and sit there silent the whole time. You better believe I am getting my dollars worth.

    For the most part I found the course lacking, not necessarily the courses fault. I should have taken the next level, can't remember the name of it right now, but its the one that covers more of the Update manager and VCB.

    The course was nothing really new, as by the time I took it I had deployed about 6 ESX servers, P2V ~15 servers, and had written documentation on fail over procedures and dealing with Vmotion, HA and DRS.

    The reason I am doubling up on the studying, is I heard the test was one of the tougher ones. I can think of 100 other things I would spend $175 rather than failing a test.
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    You probably just saw me whining about the trivia. It seems like the more experienced admins thought it was easier. I just haven't used it enough to answer things like "recall X from this screen on the interface." I think you've got it covered with all those resources and your experience.
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    So Bob, did you get lucky? What can you tell us? I just went through the install and configure course and am beginning to study the blue prints and reference card. How many questions? How long did it take? How much time did they allow?
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