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Is it safe to assume that there won't be any questions about what a specific beep count means?
I ask this because beep codes can differ from one BIOS to the next.

Or, has anyone experienced a question on the exam that asked you to determine the meaning of a beep code?

For example:

What does it mean when POST fails and you hear a series of 8 beeps?
(a) ...
(b) ...
(c) ...
(d) ...


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    They can differ, but I don't think you'll have to memorize them. I didn't get any questions of such on my exam.
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    I didn't get any questions on the codes, but then again I have needed to know them since then, so it can't hurt to learn them.
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    I ask this because beep codes can differ from one BIOS to the next.
    Links to the PDFs with the post and bios beep codes for AMI, Award and Phoenix (the latter two are the same) are listed in my CMOS/BIOS/POST TechNotes:

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    Thanks for all the responses.

    I'll probably try to memorize them, time and patience permitting.

    I'm going to try and take the exam this Friday...Hopefully I wont wimp out and re-schedule. Last exam I took I probably re-scheduled 5 or 6 times.

    Well, wish me luck.
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    well good luck :)
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    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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    I thought this was somthing they were getting away from in the hadware industry? When I built my PC last year the mother board I chose,an MSI, came with a PCI bracket with a series LEDs.The LEDs light up in certian sequences to indicate what the problem is, if the system fails to POST.
    You still have to know what the certian sequence means, or get out the MB manual.
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    I had a couple of MSI boards myself and I liked the led system... it means you doesn't have to learn morse to understand your computer ;)
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