Why is this section of the forum so small?

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Where have all the MCDST posts gone?
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    Site maintenance maybe? I see 21 pages...
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    ally_uk wrote: »
    Where have all the MCDST posts gone?

    Check your filter at the bottom of the forum. The default is to only show the last month's posts.
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    Yep, probably wasn't the best idea to implement that change the way it was done (without some/more mention of it). Unless people are use to it, the moderators set themselves up for a lot of (unnecessary) questions, and frustration from the users.
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    Actually, vBulletin defaults to the minimal list to reduce the queries and hence performance impact by guests and search engine spiders. After the migration we had to configure the forums manually to show all the posts to everyone as was default before the migration, this one slipped through the process and is now configured correctly. You can all change the setting in your user profile though all forums should show all posts.
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