What are the some notable Linux certifications?

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Hi everyone,

I have to brush up on my Linux skills because of a job related issue... Although I want to start tackling the Microsoft certs asap... I can't just yet. I have used many distros in the past, Redhat, Debian, Slackware... but I've never really picked up a linux book and read it in detail. I just know what I need to know to get by and most of my knowledge came from Google and the man pages :)

Anyways, I would like to start studying for this and I might as well pick up some certs to keep me motivated. I was wondering what some of the most notable Linux certs are. Also if you have read any books, what do you recommend? I am looking to expand my knowledge in iptables, samba, q-mail and snort

Thanks in advance!


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    Linux+ is the basic, but if you have some Linux experience you might want to move right to LPI1 & LPI2.

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