New CCDA exam - Books?

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Anyone know where to get hold of any study books for the new CCDA exam yet?


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    Haven't seen it yet, but in July there will be a good one released by Pearson Education:

    CCDA Exam Certification Guide (CCDA Self-Study)
    Author: Anthony Bruno , Jacqueline Kim
    ISBN: 1587200767
    Number of pages: 600
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm hoping to take it before July - so guess I will see what I can get at the Cisco site. I bought the Sybex Study Guide for the 'old' exam anyway - figuring it will still provide fairly good coverage of all but IPV6, Wireless and a few other newer topics - what do you think?
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    The new 640-861 is nothing like the old exam. I have studies AVVID IP Telephony, IPv6, SAFE etc and have still failed 3 times. Every time I go, they throw new exam topics at me.
    The major problem is that Cisco has not provided a syllabus of topics only a VERY general course overview. In reality, they could examine us on avionics and remain in the overview!
    I will now wait until the new books are available.
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    I would have to recertify in a couple of months, but instead of taking the CCDA exam again, I'll make use of the new recertification policy, meaning I'll take BSCI to recertify CCDA. It's all very interesting, and I'm sure I'll buy the new book when it comes out, but the old exam was a pain already, and the certification itself never helped me get a better job. So I'll pass on this one ;)
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