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My boss went away to a 1 week training camp for the CCNA and came back unsuccessful in passing the test, apparently from what he said he missed it by 1 question. He also told me that out of the class of 18 or so about 4 only passed. Does cisco have percentage numbers on who passes and who fails?? He was CCNA certified before and went to the training camp to renew his license. Well now i'm twice as frighten to take my test now which is coming up next year after I finish my two classes, since he was not sucessful. He said alot of the material on the test was stuff that he had never seen before or never went over and wasn't in the cisco book.... hmmmm. Just thought I would pass along the info he was pretty bumed but he will be back at it.


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    Consider that this was only a "1 week training" class where "only 4 of 18 passed."

    Cisco makes their CCNA exam challenging enough to where you need to know the material very well in order to pass the exam, which means of course that their certifications have a higher credibility, and it would be very difficult to acquire that knowledge and skill level within only 1 week.

    You are ready for the exam when the CCNA material comes easily and you don't have to think hard about understanding or remembering it any more - if you are still in "cram" mode - memorizing lots of commands and facts, then you may not be ready for the exam.

    It depends on your time and dedication to studying, but it took me 6 months of studying off an on to prepare for and finally pass the CCNA exam (the 2nd time I took it - I failed the first time).

    Also, I would say that some of whether you pass or fail can depend on sheer luck - since each test is a different set of questions (with some overlap), sometimes the exam is easier than others.

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    its not that hard to pass if you have a little hands on experience. if you can afford it get a couple routers and to a bunch of labs. lots of repitition will burn it into your brain.
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