CME v4 Memory requirments

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Hi All

I'm looking to load CME v4 onto a couple of routers and was wondering what the recommended memory requirements are (Dram and Flash)?
I already have a 1760 with FXO/FXS and PVDM-8 and I'm looking on ebay at a couple of Cisco 2611XM routers. The 2611XM's may also be used as Gatekeepers!

Cisco 1760 - 96Mb/32Mb (allreday own this router)
Cisco 2611 - 128Mb/32Mb (there are a few of these on ebay)

Eventually I want to end up with somthing like this:

Thanks, Lee




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    The Cisco Unified CME and Cisco IOS Software Version Compatibility Matrix shows you the IOS Version and the supported CME Version.

    The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Compatibility Information web page has the docs for the various versions that will tell you the supported platforms and memory.

    For a 1760 check Cisco Unified CME 4.0(3) Supported Firmware, Platforms, Memory, and Voice Products [Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express] - Cisco Systems (which recommends 128 DRAM/64 Flash).

    You'd need either a 26xxXM or 2691 if you want to run CME on a 26xx series router.
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    Thanks for the links Mike!

    The Cisco Unified CME 4.0(3) Supported Firmware ETC is very useful, bookmarked all them links!
    Looks like I will have to do some homework tomorrow and make some decisions before I hit the "BUY IT NOW"

    Looking at the links you sent me and the recommended RAM/FLASH got me thinking; Do you think I would be better off using the 1760 just as a Voice Gateway and use a couple of the 2611XM routers for my CME?

    So far for my lab I have the following;
    CUCM 7 (VMWare image)
    Nortel Meridian PBX (with E1 PRI, ISDN 2 BRI)
    Trixbox CE Asterisk PBX
    1x 1760 with FXS/FXO and PVDM-8
    2x Catalyst WSC3524-PWR-XL-EN
    2x 7941
    1x 7941 (SIP)
    1x 3725 with NM-4T 4 Port Serial
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    It should be pretty cheap to max out the flash and RAM in the 1760 which would give you a little more room for phone load files, GUI, MOH, and so on. The 26xxXMs only take 48MB flash max, but anything over 32MB is a little tough to come by.
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    I like the 1760 because you can have both digital and analog interfaces in one router. Just remember the PVDMs you install are the limiting factor to what you can support.

    If the 1760 doesn't already have 64Mb Flash, make sure you get one with the 32F label above the Ethernet interface -- those have the 32Mb built in flash.

    With he 2600XM you'll either have the NM-HDV (with up to 5 PVDMs) and a digital interface or the NM-1V or NM-2V which supports the analog VICs (and has the DSPs built in to support them).
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