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This year will be my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh. I know that I am interested in mostly the hardware side of IT both w/ computers and networks , but also have an interest in business analysis. I was wondering what type of entry level position I should consider to help me progress in either of these directions.

I will have a B.S. degree in Information Science. I also am finishing up my A+ cert hopefully on July 30 and will be doing an independent study with Pitt for my Network+ this fall semester. I also have 6 months work experience with a co-op through the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General working in the Windows enviroment (Win 2k professional, advanced server 2003, and Exchange). Any advice would be appreciated.



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    if you wish to make IT a career take as many contract jobs as you can get to build up your experience b/c study doesn't count as much as working knowledge or if possible take an entry level IT job to get at least a year of experience to move up the latter.

    but ultimately its up to you. i would suggest weigh whats important to you now and long term then go that direction.
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    Check out this earlier post:

    You'll find more advice in many other post that cover similar situations.
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    With a BS from Pitt, seems you'll be noticed!

    Probably networks are the sure thing. They won't go away. We will eventually come to a place where we have throw-away technology in IT.
    (We're very close right now--especially in consumer products.) But, I'm starting to "preach" wireless networking and security issues for the up-and-comers in IT.

    Of course, you have to get certifiable experience and the certifications to demonstrate your level of knowledge to really gain that repectable salary
    --after all, most of us would not be involved in this certification stuff if it weren't for our need to eat and pay the bills.

    I'm not sure about much beyond networking, but as you progress in the future and gain experience, you might want to consider taking an MS and moving toward hardware research and development. Of course, you may not really like hardware that much.

    That's my 2-cents worth. Your educational plans and your alma-mater are what caught my attention.

    Best of luck!
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    is sixth months experience w/ the internship somewhat of an advantage compared to no experience, or are most full-time entry level positions looking for at least a year. I was thinking w/ my degree I could just apply for another position and hope to work my way over if there is a job opening. At least that way I could learn the applications they use.
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    Well, if you're looking at network admin, you're right about applications.
    If you get into the IT dept of a hospital you'll find a lot of specialized applications along with M$ office, and your other popular spread sheets, word processors, and graphics programs.

    But, it's not just the applications, you can end up on a system with every OS imaginable. We have M$ from Windows 3.11 to Server 2003, Novell with W95 clients, somewhere a Unix server, and major use of OpenVMS which is sort of "user-unfriendly" strictly command line OS which is the platform for almost all of the specialized programs. But, it is huge and it is powerful.

    Most ads for admins/analysts are asking for BS and 2 or 3 years of experience at the least. You will probably start on smaller systems and work up to the larger before you really get established. But, I have no doubt you will get there!
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    gojericho0 wrote:
    I know that I am interested in mostly the hardware side of IT both w/ computers and networks , but also have an interest in business analysis.

    You may be able to mix both your computer skills with business analysis by looking at database jobs. In your area, I would check out the paper for jobs requiring database skills (SQL, Oracle) that also mix in IS/Business analysis and I am sure you can find a good nich making some good cash. See what they are asking for in these jobs and then work on those skills and you way up the ladder. I admit, its not necessarily hardware and networking but possibly an idea you may not have thought about.
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    thanks for your advice guys...much appreciated :D
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