Possible to install on stand alone server?

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I have a server and a laptop connected to each other.
I want to install Active Directory on the server, is that possible on a stand alone server? I tried it a few months bofore but didn't get dcpromo to start!
Can I install MS Exchange on the server
Can I install SMS server on it?
Basically I am trying to simulate MCSE courses labs on the 2 PC's. Will this do to pass the exams? Or near enough? What else will I need to hook up to my 2 PC's to make it a real world situation??


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    While you could promote it to a DC and get AD working and probably either SMS or Exchange working on it as well, I wouldn't advise it. However, using that same machine you might want to look into virtualization.

    You can install 1-2 DCs and get SMS and Exchange running all on their own virtual servers running on that 1 physical server. You would get a much better learning experience by splitting it up. You can also have all those virtual servers connect to your own little network and your real client can become a member of your virtual domain and you can test email, sms, GPOs etc...

    A couple free virtual platforms you can look at are Virtual PC 2007, Virtual Server 2005 SP2, VMWare, VirtualBox. You could also install ESXi on the server which is a super slimmed down linux server OS intended for running Virtuals.
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    Thanks for your detailed reply.
    I am hoping to install the AD & SMS on the server to get a practical working knowledge of a real world situation.
    Really, at this moment I can't afford to keep buying Virtual softwares as you know I spent a lot on the server itself. I am hoping all that I have is enough to get a intermediate working knowledge of Server, AD & SMS. For job interviews they require practical knowledge (tests) besides from certification, and to keep spending money, is not what I had in mind. Thanks.
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    That's all free. All it'll cost you is some of your time setting it up.
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    Ok, I didn't read the word "free" in your post!! I will look into it. Thanks
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