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I have an MCP and an MCDST (70-271 and 70-272). I believe these contribute to an MCSA, which would require a 3 further exams.

I was wondering if it was possible to be able to study for these from home without enrolling in a class. I know networking and Active Directory become core, so I could maybe setup a home server with AD on it? Also - are there video courses that allow you to achieve this?

I think I'd prefer this approach to going through a College / anyone think that this could be a bad idea or a good idea?

your help is much appreciated!


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    Absolutely it's possible! Actually many of us on this site just studying on our own without taking classes. I went to college a number of years ago, but now I'm just studying on my own. If your just after certs, then self study is a much cheaper way to go. You don't need college to get certs.

    I'd just find a cheap computer or two on ebay/craigslist and build a little home network to practice on. Or if you have a pretty powerful computer, you can install VM Ware or Virtual PC and run all your labs in the virtual world.

    CBT Nuggets are pretty popular training videos.
    CBT Nuggets: Training for Cisco CCNA SQL MCSE VB.NET A+ Linux PMP & Many More IT Certification Exams!

    MCSA requirements.
    MCSA on Windows Server 2003 Certification Requirements

    EDIT: I should add, I'm not saying self study is better or worse then college. I hope this doesn't turn into another College vs Certs war.
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    That's good news! I think I would like to do the same thing as you guys then and study from home. The MCSA cbt nuggets package is $399(£272 in UK). So, if I paid £272 for this - the package they send is worth the money/learning materials they send to me?
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    I've actually never used CBT videos yet, but I hear good things about them. Someone else can probably comment on them.

    For me personally I like to incorporate various learning tools when studying for these exams. Books (MS Press or Syngress), Labs, Practice Exams, Audio CD's, Technotes, MS Whitepapers (technet) and I frequent this forum.
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