Charter confirms bandwidth cap.

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Charter Confirms New Caps - Says new $140, 60Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 tier will be cap free -

Not sure how much this will impact me, as I will end up at a 100GB cap. I'm sure I'll have to be doing a lot less aimless downloading of Linux distros and will have to keep better tabs on making sure I don't lose that ISO I downloaded from my TechNet subscription 2 or 3 times in a month because I neglected to save it to my fileserver.

Will no doubt have to cut back on the streaming HD as well, that one will upset the wife quite a bit as I bet she puts in a couple hours or so a night at 1-2gb an hour and even more on the weekends. I wonder what the overage fee's will be, I haven't been able to locate anything published on that yet. I'd happily pay for a faster speed, but 16mb isn't available in my area. I wonder if they would label my account as 16mb for the 250gb cap since I suspect the overage fee's will likely be more than bumping up to the 16mb package.


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    CenturyTel's in DeForest. AFAIK, they don't have a DL cap, but fastest they have is 15.
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    darkerosxx wrote: »
    CenturyTel's in DeForest. AFAIK, they don't have a DL cap, but fastest they have is 15.

    Yea, 15mb which I actually had for a couple of months. The speeds were great after I had my profile lowered a bit to 12mb since 15mb was a bit much for my distance. I would have stayed with them, but for some unknown reason I went through 4 of the cheapo Westel modems, two Motorola, and one Zoom in a 2 month period. The CenturyTel techs were denying any possibility of anything on the line frying modems (they would end up with that classic fried electronics smell) and blamed my inside wiring or surges even though no other electrical items were affected. Nothing else on my phone line which I ran straight to the NID.

    Who knows though... I may just have to give CenturyTel another shot depending on how this Charter thing pans out.
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