NLB cluster on layer 3 switch

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Anyone got any good resources for configuring a NLB cluster on 2003 Server on a layer 3 switch? If I configure on a layer 2 switch it works fine but in this scenario I only have layer 3 switches available to me a 6509 and a 4507. I've scoured various whitepapers came up with a general idea of what I should be doing but so far have been unsuccessful.

1. Create a separate vlan to miminimize flooding (layer 2 mode)

2. Use multicast mode on WLB cluster and enable IGMP multicast
with the switch configured to snoop IGMP

3. Create a static arp entry on the switch for the unicast ip to the multicast mac address
4. Map multicast-mac address to each clustered interface in the cam/mac table on the switch

The only thing that is confusing me is how do you create a layer 2 vlan on a layer 3 switch? Switches in question are 4507 and 6509 and the IOS is old as dirt on both.

Any gurus got any suggestions? So far both my cluster ip and management ip are pingable from outside the subnet but when browsing to my default website in IIS I can only access through SSL and not HTTP. As soon as I axe the NLB cluster everything starts working again. I'm using the default settings of all ports/traffic single affinity settings. The port shows open when scanning but when browsing to the cluster ip through HTTP I get a page not found. Of course when I'm local to the box IIS works perfectly so the NLB has to be causing some kind of issue.

Think I might try this although I'd rather avoid a hub.
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