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I just passed my Network+ exam, and I'm wondering where I should go from there. I'm only on the fringe of the IT industry right now, and I just barely use what I learned from A+. I would like to get my foot in the door of the IT industry. An entry-level help desk position would be great. Which certification would be best for that?


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    for entry level helpdesk, I would look to MS. Maybe 270 for the client portion of the MCSA or the MCDST exams.

    good luck.

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    If you know XP well, I would for MCDST. You'll need exams 70-271 and 70-272 . It's relatively easy, and can get you a recognized cert. If you know 2000 better, I would say go for MCSA. If you have A+, and Net+, you only need exams 70-210/270, 215, and 218.
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    ccna would be my choice in this case
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    MCSA with out a doubt...
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    MCSA will be easier to get and I feel you have more chances to get your first job/entry experience with. I agree this should be your first effort.

    Once you are working in the field and have some backing (MCSA+experience) I think getting a CCNA will offer the better jobs, higher pay and open some good doors.

    The hard thing with CCNA is your less likely to find an entry level job working on routers/switches - where as with MCSA, its easier to get some entry level microsoft experience
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    Hey I got a question. At the moment I'm A+, 70-210 Cert, and will have my Net+ shortly. Do you guy think it would be better to go through an instructor-led MCSA class (and fork over that big dough) or just get the books for the 2 remaining exams and study on my own?
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    I wouldn't pay for anything besides the test and books...
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