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I just passed A+ core today!!! icon_lol.gif ...well, monday lol...I was so sick to my stomach and nervous before the test and when I was about to press that done button. I was for sure I wasn't going to pass...So, for all those nervous ppl out there! IT CAN BE DONE!!!!! and thank you so much techexam bc reading the forum ease me a little about taking the test! Any suggestion from anyone to what to concentrate on for the os test? icon_eek.gif


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Good Stuff! Give yourself more credit! :D
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    Thank you so much guys!!! icon_redface.gif Anyone wanna take my os for me? lol JUST KIDDING!
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    Congrats on the hardware, I'm sure you'll be fine on the OS, let us know how it goes.
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    TYTY any tips on what to concentrate on for the OS? oh btw i got a 547 on my Core Hardware.
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    When I took my OS, it was back in Feb and was loaded with driver questions, error messages, and XP. I did get the question involving the IBM OS/2, but other than that most of the stuff on there was pretty average (meaning stuff that you would encounter on any practice exam). Then again, the reason why I mentioned I took it in Feb, is because a friend of my took his about two months ago and got one of the easiest tests ever, scoring close to 900. So I am not sure if the month has anything to do with the test that you get or if its just the day of the download. Good luck, you'll make it.
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    you should study your butt off for the os exam... when i took the os exam, i thought that it was harder than the hardware.... in fact, i failed the os section the first time then went back in about a month and passed.... not to scare you or anything, just to give you a heads up...

    if you haven't already, get a practice exam, like cert21 or transcender, they're really good and tend to overprepare you (which is good). also, check this out:

    cert21 and the first link that i posted made the difference for me i believe...when i went back to retake it was a breeze, i understood the questions and the underlying subjects, and of course, i knew the answers.

    do the practice tests over and over until you consistently get in the 90' the explanations for the answers and understand the topics....remember those tricky questions (and what was tricky about them) as well.

    good luck.... if you prepare you can do it !!!!
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    oh, try to find practice material that has the new topics integrated....

    i took the exam before the new subjects were added....
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    Congrats on the pass and best luck with the OS exam
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    Thanks all for the support and helpful hints! It's so hard being a girl in the IT world...heehee jk Well, this whole week is a cram session for the os for me....So, everyone enjoy their weekend!!! Drink a few shots and drinks for meeeeeeeeee!!! While I pull my hair out studying for the OS test! lol I'll probably take it late this coming week. So, I'll let u know how I do ... that's if....I don't chicken out lol Take care everyone! icon_eek.gif
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