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I have the 601 and 602 test scheduled for tomorrow. I just finished the Examcram CompTIA A+ Practice Questions book. On page 155, Objective 5.1, question number 2 states this "Which of the following IP address examples can actually be used on the Internet?"


I chose "C" but the book says "A" is the correct answer. The arthur, Charles J. Brooks, says in the back of the book because it's a private IP address. I could understand if it was a mistake but because he goes in detail, how is choice "A" or "D" different? Both are classless IP's. I thought this was the reason of why there is a classless or classful IP address.


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    I'm sure that's a yourself, you're right on this one.

    Doesn't look like they have any errata published for this edition yet, but the previous edition had quite a few updates. So if you come across a question for which the published answer doesn't seem right, follow your gut, you're probably right!

    Good luck!
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    I passed the 601 and 602 test this morning. The 601 had really quirky questions that I had to reread 3 times. Some of the answers were very vague. The 602 was very straight forward and all common sense questions. My next objective is the MCSA and CCNA certs. I have my virtual machine running 2x Win Server 2003 Enterprise and 1x XP client. In about a month I plan on buying 2x 25xx CISCO routers and 1x 2950 switches.
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    Congrats on your pass! Good luck with your future certs.
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