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I am a little confused about the best test taking stratagy. I have A+ and N+ and I am goint to take a 5day Cisco ICND course. Is it better to take the 640-801 CCNA or is it better to split them up and take 640-821 INTRO and then 640-811 ICND.
From the class preview the Cisco Intro course looks a lot like N+. In order to save money I am going stright to ICND course. Does anyone have any experience they could share on what I will be missing by not taking the Intro course?


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    The only reason I took INTRO was the discount voucher Cisco gave me, otherwise I would have taked the 801. If you have the big discount voucher, go for it, otherwise take the one test
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    You won't be missing anything if you don't take the intro exam. The same material is included in the 801 exam.

    Many people have asked whether they should take the 2 exams (intro+ICND) or the single CCNA exam (801) and I think you should be able to find many different answer if you search in the CCNA forums. icon_wink.gif
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    I guess the first question was a chicken and egg problem, do I do this or do I do this. I really does not matter as long as I do what is best for me. The real question was would I be lost in ICND if I skip INTRO but still have my N+. Where do I get vouchers?
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