Take the Exam...before the class is finished?

genXrcistgenXrcist Member Posts: 531
Well, finished the 70-290 Sybex book last night including the chapter exams. Now it's on to review and taking the practice tests. I figure I should be ready to take this exam in 7-10 days tops. But..... (and there's always a but)....

I'm enrolled in a class that is teaching us the 70-290 and there are still about 3-4 weeks to go. I want to pass the test and be done with it so I can move onto the 70-291 but it'll be kind of weird to be in a class teaching me the material I need to know to pass the exam...... when I've already passed the exam.

Anyone else run into something like this before?
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    So just pass the test and then go to the beach or something instead of class! Or just soak up the material some more from the class, can't hurt :) Do they do any labs etc? Anything you need to learn more in?
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    Not sure about your training situation, but maybe they would let you out of the 290 class and give you a voucher for another class that would be a better use of your time??

  • genXrcistgenXrcist Member Posts: 531
    Well, as nice as the beach sounds, I live in Minnesota so that might get a bit chilly this time of year. :) Yes, there is a lot I can learn because the instructor really knows his stuff and he is willing to take extra time with us individually. I mean, I can pass the test by just studying and reading the book but that doesn't translate into applicable knowledge as well as learning from an experienced mentor. :)

    Although I do like the idea of asking for a voucher to another class... I might just do that. Thanks for the idea!
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    Whenever I had classes that taught from the certification books, the instructors would always either give you an A for the class or A on the final for passing the certification before the end of class. Back then I was too intimidated by the cert tests and their costs and just took the normal class final.
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