A 70-297 nightmare

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HI all
I thought I would ask you advice about the 70-297 exam.

I took the exam last week and failed with a score of 651 icon_cry.gif. I found the exam extremely difficult due to the amount of reading that is needed. I tried to go straight to the questions and complete the easier ones, however I found that it was difficult to go back to the case study, skim through the text and pick out the important points within the short timeframe.

I retook the exam today, however I had a problem with the test. The timings got messed up somehow on the system which resulted in the exam ending right at the start of the 4th or 5th testlet. Has anyone else experienced this? I have been told by the testing provider that I need to call prometric tomorrow once a report has been filed.

I am now quite hacked off with 70-297, I feel I know the material well enough to pass, however I think the test itself is a real disappointment. icon_twisted.gif


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    My least favourite exam my friend. This stood in the way of my mcse, as i thought i knew active directory very well. The thing with this exam is if you misunderstand what the company requires. Eg 1 domain / 1 forest, then you will fail most of testlet as you will gear all your answers to what you presumed was needed. I did 70-298 after failed 297 twice with 600s.
    Currently having a break after the MCITP:EA. Citrix or Cisco next, not sure!
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