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Global Parameters
[ global ]
workgroup = Dragon
security = SHARE
[ Plans ]
path = / plans
read only = Yes
guest ok = Yes

Ok here is the scenario I have a XP Box and a Old P3 Debian Rig they have both been setup and are communicating happily with each other.

The example of the samba config I posted is my first config and everything is working dandy.

I want to take the config to the next stage and implement authentication when accessing the share but i'm having a tough time getting my head around it.

If I were to create a user called Bob and only wanted to give Bob access to the samba share how do I go about it?

Ive read you need to create the user on the linux box, windows box and create a smb account.

Can somebody please walk me through the process of how to setup and get Bob access to the share lol

Many Thanks this will aid my growth of samba knowledge.
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