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I plan on moving onto CCNA Wireless upon completion of my CCNA. What equipment is needed for a home lab to study for it?


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    They rattle off a few things in the intro or first chapter of the Cisco Press book (sorry, I only read the rough-cut on Safari awhile ago), but it seemed to be relatively high-end and not actually necessary for the CCNA:W.
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    I guess having a 1100 series WAP wouldn't hurt.
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    This would be a tough one to set up a home lab for since the equipment is so expensive. The cheapest WLAN controller is still a few thousand dollars. I also haven't found any good sims for these devices or WCS.

    I think the closest you can get without breaking the bank would be to get an AP with IOS so that you do not need a controller and work with the web interface on that and then read the configuration guides for WCS and the controllers. For this one, if I didn't have access to the hardware at work, I probably would consider a training class just to get some hands-on with the equipment.

    Good luck!

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