NetApp drive replacement warranty contract vs not

pwjohnstonpwjohnston Member Posts: 441
So I have taken a job where the entire network is falling apart and I have a couple NetApp filers.

The FAS 3020 is still under contract and working fine with 7.0.4. It uses Seagate ST3146807FC FC-AL 10.6k 146GB fibre disks.

The F840 however has a couple broken disks that need to be replaced and is out of contract. It has 6.4.1 and uses Seagate ST373405FC FC-AL 10k 73 GB Fibre disks.

Now someone told me I could just get an after market disk and replace it and all would be good.

However, one of the guys in another office said, “Can’t do that because NetApp has something special built into the drives so that it won’t accept anything other than one that has been RMA’d from NetApp.” And “That we need to get off the Filer all together” in favor of something more like FreeNAS or OpenFiler.

So what’s the resolution here? Expensive contract with NetApp, aftermarket drives, Linux Filer, or just live with the broken drives?
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