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Like many others I was thinking about the need to renew my CCNA, which expires on 16/02/2009.

Just after new year I’ve started preparing myself for SND exam without realising that the last day to take it was back in November. I only found this out after I’ve finished reading SND book. Thankfully most of the SND stuff in now in the CCNA security.
After reading both books to me it looks like 100% SND = 70% CCNA security.

To study I’ve used Cisco press book, which to me is the first Cisco book that was easy to read and understand. Also few routers at home and few production routers and switches at work.

I’ve taken the exam today. Passed with 877. Had to answer 60 questions 2 of which testlets one made of 6 questions and one of 5 both at the beginning, so I was rushing to answer all of the others in case another testlet comes up.

Overall it feels like tough exam, but not as tricky as the CCNA, not as many questions that designed to trick you.


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