"passed" ccie written pending review

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so it's been a couple of years since i took a cisco exam.
now they have magic software that determines if you deserve your score ?
i'm all for them protecting their intellectual property ...but
im sitting there taking the test and wondering... am i going too fast ....
too slow ..... ?
near the end of the test and a complex question came up and i immediately marked it
because i wanted to get to the 20 questions behind it instead of wasteing 10 min on that question .... it complained that i didnt click the exhibit (or didnt scroll all the way to the right of the screen) had to do that to move on .... does that mean i may be profiled as cheater because of the way i choose to take the test ?
what if i want to tear through all the questions i immediately know then go back .....

well all this is moot anyway because in a week or two you cant go back anymore .....
rm -rf /


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