Strange Permission issue, or I am just crazy.

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Running into a strange issue.

I was under the assumption that the default NTFS <inherited> permission on all volumes was for the USERS group to have Read, Read+Execute, List Folder Contents. Looking closer at my drive I saw the USERS special permission checkbox was enabled and grayed out (signifying inherited permission). Looking at special permission I saw users had the Create Folders/Append data, Create Files/Write Data.

Technotes even agrees with me;

70-290 Technotes

The Users group is assigned Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, and Read permissions. Users or groups who need to write and or modify files and folders will need additional permissions.

Did an application do this? Microsoft Update? Am I sleep computing, adjusting permissions?

Any explanations would be greatly appreciated. <pic attached>

BTW, I did not set these permissions.


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    I don't have any doumentation to back this up, but what you posted is the default from what I've seen. If you notice the inheiritance on the special perms, they can't create files on the root, but they can create folders and modify any files inside of those folders.

    I think what you posted from your source is true by default for non-system drives.
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    So on system drives these are the default permissions? I don't remember them being like that. Then again I don't remember much.

    Thanks for the insight.

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    Special Permission are always grayed out, regardless of being inherited. Think about it, you're at the very top level of your drive. There's no place to inherit anything from. The reason they're always grayed out is you can't just check special permission and grant someone all of them, you have to go to advanced and add the desired special permissions.
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    looks like these are the standard permissions...I took a screenshot of my C: permissions and yours seem to match mine, and I've done no modification of permissions on this installation:
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