Remote Desktop color problem.

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I have a Windows XP computer that I don't typically hook up a monitor to so I use this computer as a server and remote desktop to it, with a Windows Vista 64-bit machine. I've got remote desktop up and running fine, but when I remote desktop to the XP machine, my remote desktop session defaults to using 16-bit color and I can not change it.

My XP machine is running service pack 3 so it should have Terminal Services Ver. 6.1. The video card in the XP machine is a Matrox dual monitor card, and it does support 32-bit color, because when I do log into it locally my local session runs in 32-bit color.

My Vista machine is running service pack 1 so it should also have Terminal Services Ver. 6.1. My Vista machine has dual 8800GT's in SLI.

When I go to initiate a session from my Vista machine, I have the settings configured for 32-bit color and all the other visual features, but when the session starts I notice its using 16-bit color.

Any ideas?


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