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Is there any benefit or does it just sound arrogant to list the number of equipment and amount of equipment you are responsible for on a resume?

Is responsible for managing and maintaining the Corporate Infrastructure (est 455k) consisting of 30 Dell Servers, 75 Windows XP Clients, 6 Lotus Domino Servers, 2 SQL Servers, 2 NetApp filers, 1 CommVault Galaxy backup with Sun SL500 LTO3 Tape Jukebox, 2 Cisco ASA Switches, 4 Cisco Catalyst 3560G switches, etc

(below not included, but for you guys to get a picture of the equipment)


$150k - 30 Dell Servers @ $5,000

$75k - 75 Dell Clients $1000

(2 NetApp Filers + 8 Cabinets)
25k - F840
60k – FAS3020

14K Sun StorageTek SL500

4k – Cisco ASA 5510
4k – Cisco ASA 5300

28k – 4x Cisco Catalyst 3560G


21K - 30x 2003 Server Standard Licenses @ $700
4K - 75 Server 2003 CALs
70k Lotus Domino/Notes

You get the idea.


  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I don't think it would hurt to list in in one of your bullet points like your first example. I wouldn't have a list on your resume with all the equipment and what its worth though like the second half of your example. That just seems like wasted space to me that could be filled with accomplishments or something.
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  • darkerosxxdarkerosxx Banned Posts: 1,343
    I think you could list things that are *somewhat* uncommon, such as managing a ton of something. However, if you're going to list you managed 30 Dell servers AND the price, I'd put it into a sentence or bullet sentence form so it's like you're saying it rather than just listing. $150k - 30 servers $5k each versus Managed 30 Dell servers worth $150k total. To me, that sounds better and is easier to quickly skim over and understand.

    For the single and small amount of things like storage, I'd just put that you have experience managing Netapp devices or something to that effect.

    The total worth of the infrastructure you're managing is a good detail as well.
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