a good simulator anyone?...

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hi all-

does anybody have a good idea for a simulator?? (pref. free!!)...im not in the industry nor have the resources to buy the equipment so i would need a fairly good one...i am currently using the Boson Netsim which comes along with the cisco press books but most of the exercises on it are locked.

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    There are ones from routersim.com, r1r2.com or free-labs.com. Some you have to purchase ($199.00 for Network Visualizer), but some are free.

    If you can't buy the equipment, you should at least invest in a decent simulator. The sim that is a companion to Sybex's book by Todd Lammle is not too bad and its reasonable to buy. If you go to bookpool.com and look for the Platinum Ed. of the sim, it goes for about $80.00 (half off list).

    Hope that helps!
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    thanks man!
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