Any 298/299/Security+ Advice?

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I just wrapped up my MCSE today, and in the process I have taken 298 and 299 as my design and elective exams. I am considering jumping into the Security+ to wrap up my MCSE:S specialization and I am wondering how much of the MS Security material will carry over into the Security+ studies? I would imagine that there are not many areas that were not covered by MS, but this might be a complete misconception on my part. I am honestly itching to get into my MS Exchange studies, but I thought that because all the security stuff is fresh in my head, that now might be a good time to tackle Sec+ and wrap up the specialization. Anyone who has taken both 299 and Sec+ have any advice for me?
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    Congratulations! I haven't done the 299 but have done the Security+ so I'll see how I can help. The Security+ is very broad in security ranging from physical security and management to port numbers and types of encryption. It doesn't go too deep, but it covers a whole lot. Judging from the 298 at least, you will have a good step up on some areas of the Security+ but there is still a lot more to learn. Just start diving into the material and soak it all up. Good luck!
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    I had a quick look into Sec+ a bit a go and there seems to be a fair few things outside of MS scope. IIRC Sec+ has sections on physical security and the correct kind of fire extinguisers to use on your blazing server cabinet...
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    I'd go ahead and take the Sec+. Since you passed 298/299 it should be easy.Most of the material is covered in MS security courses. I used the sybex book.
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    There might be a few familiar things, such as port numbers, IPSec, PKI, etc., but there is also a lot that's well outside the scope of the MS exams, as the others have mentioned. It's all fundamental though, so you shouldn't a hard time with it.

    BTW, congrats on the MCSE icon_cheers.gif
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