Sweet new Juniper toys at work

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Turned up a few MX960s this week. I wonder if/when the MX will make an appearance in Juniper's cert tracks.

Pretty cool box. First time I've really played much with the MXs. However, just using it as a big dense router now and there's none of that switching stuff on it yet, so it's really no different than any other M I've played with. It was also my first crack at playing with JUNOS 9.x and it's sexy sexy non-stop routing :) I'm going to love that feature so very much once we roll it out to our other routers. Even went over and patted it approvingly on it's head/chassis :P

While I was there I also checked out our new M320, and oh ya, that little router known as the T1600 ;) That's going to be a fun box with it's OC-768!! and it's 4 port OC-192s PICs!!

My sandbox just got bigger... this network is going to be sweet :)

No wonder Aldur wanted to move up here and brave the cold to play with our toys :P

I thought about posting pictures to share with all, but I'm not sure if that would fly over to well even if I removed any specific details; company, ips, name, etc.


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    man I've been out of the loop for to long, haven't been spending enough time here in the forums, with all the moving and everything I haven't had spare time for anything.

    The T1600's sure have been fun to play with lately but I'm jealous, I'd love to get my hands on some MX routers. The MX's are pretty close to to the M routers but when you get into bridge domains and irb interfaces thats when all the fun/frustration happens :D

    Honestly there should be some training or certification that deals with MX routers, not only is the chipset completely different then the M or T routers but the bridge domains and irb interfaces can be confusing too.

    I suppose in the mean time, that I'll just hang with my T1600's, got my hands full with those at the moment. icon_cool.gif
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