MCSA 2000 or MCSA 2003?

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I know the logical choice would be the most updated one but whenever I search online I don't see many companies requiring MCSA or MCSE 2003 however I see alot more employment opportunities for MCSA or MCSE 2000 cert holders. I just wanted to know if you think it would make any difference to an employer.


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    personally, i would take the mcsa 2000 and do the one upgrade exam to get mcsa 2003. think of it this way, you do the 5 exams and you can put in your resume that you are certified MCSA 2000 & 2003.
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    Actually the logical choice would be to hit up the 2000 series.

    Think about what most companies actually have, not whats newest. The majority of companies running 2000 are happy with 2000 and dont have the need or $$$ to do a rollout of 2003. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but overall you will find more companies running 2000 than 2003.

    I would say go for your 2000 MCSE or do what was stated above, do the 2000 MCSA and then upgrade to 2003 MCSE as you get to put it all on your resume plus you learn both.
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    I think a majority of companies that are out there are running Windows 2000 and don't have any plans to upgrade, but they may be implementing new servers running Windows 2003. There are also the companies that are still on NT 4.0, and will need to start upgrading and will most likely go to 2003.

    I agree with the others, start with 2000 and then upgrade to 2003.

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