Exchange Database Issue

billybob01billybob01 Member Posts: 504
As from my previous exchange posts, as your aware i am trying my first exchange migration from Exchange 2000 to Exchange 2003. I have a new server that has been built and also everything is installed and working well, even the public folders have been replicated, so whats my problem you ask? Well i am now at the next stage to move the mailboxes but then i have confused myself with asking a question. On the old 2000 exchange server we have just the one mailbox store, with the Transaction Logs and Database all on the same drive, so on the new Exchange server i have made several new mailbox stores and named them for example Mail1, Mail2, etc, and also made the transaction logs and databases on seperate drives, now do i need to move the old transaction logs and databases from the old server to the new, or just the mailboxes? If i need to move the transaction logs etc, then would i need to replicate the old setup onto the new server? Sorry it`s long winded but i need to explain the best i can.


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