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My questions(in terms of computer) :
1> What is the difference between "reset" n 'restart' of computer?
2> What does green and red light infront of a cabinat indicate?
3>what is the need of CMOS battery and what problems occur if we remove it.
4>What is the meaning of 'refreshing' a page.
5>After switching on a computer and before appearing of welcome screen what are the functions performed inside a PC.
6>What is CMOS and what is its function?
7>What is BIOS and its function.How to know BIOS password?

Plz answer with Q. nos

Thanks in advanceicon_thumright.gif

Hey guys its gr8 to be in techexams.net. Well i m new in this field so plz don't be irritated if you get my questions sillyicon_silent.gificon_sad.gif


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    amanda18 wrote: »
    My questions(in terms of computer) :
    1> Let me google that for you

    2> Let me google that for you
    (actually, it varies based on the Chassis MFG and well....how the person hooks them up).

    3>Let me google that for you

    4>Let me google that for you

    5>Let me google that for you
    (actually, this isn't a very clear question... What do you want to know? How the bits are handled? Or how data travels over the hardware?

    6>Let me google that for you

    7>Let me google that for you

    7a)How to know BIOS password? - YOU SET IT


    You may, in the future, define the words you are unfamiliar with first, then you will have more to work with to find your solution. MOST of IT work involves your own diagnosis, but listening, looking and recalling similar situations that may help you resolve the issue in front of you today.

    You need to get some experience using these items first, and pick up Meyers book or Sybex book on A+ as you walk through the objectives.

    A+ material is a lot of definitions and acronyms, once you understand those, you'll be able to answer your own questions.

    Good luck
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