70-236: Exchange 2k7 "Farewell"

Passed the 70-236 TS: Exchange Server 2007, Configuration. A month of studying with the Microsoft book. I have lots of hands on experience with Exchange 2003/2007 and that helped tremendously!

I recommend having a solid foundation in Active Directory. ***BIG*** Start becoming very acquainted with powershell & cmdlets. The GUI, at least for right now, is very limited in administration of Exchange 2007. (Sidenote: I don't like Microsoft's decision to mimic the linux sphere with scripting. Although I do agree that scripting is more powerfull, and a proficient IT professional should know both; point/click will always be faster and more efficient. Microsoft get with the program we need more GUI.)

Not sure what the next step is going to be. The CISSP is still hurting my BRAIN. I may continue with this track 70-237 & 70-238 to become MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator. We will see....
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