safe mode vs. last known

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In what situation would I boot in safe mode vs. last known?


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    last known good is to do with hardware only. (can somebody help me if it looks like i am wrong or am explaining it wrong).

    if, say you install a new video card and configure it and it works, but when the computer is switched on again, or warm-booted, the computer takes a really long time to get to the logon screen. it may be safe to assume in this case that it is the fault of the new video card.

    last known good is a record taken of the system at logon, not shutdown. so long as you do not logon if the computer takes many times the usual time to log on after a boot where you had installed new hardware after the previous boot.

    if you boot into last know good, you are virtually booting into the computer as it was before you installed that new video card.
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    Reasonable explaination there bellboy
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    it was a thing that i had a while trying to get to grips with and had to ask a forum myself ;), though i think i probably could have broken my sentences a little better. LOL.

    safemode, however (i should have mentioned this in the earlier reply), would be used to troubleshoot the system or hardware drivers, if there were no changes to the system during the previous session.
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