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Hi there

I work in 1st line support and hope to get my MCSA pre Summer.

I hope a job comes along where I work otherwise to get my certs recognised I will need to move

Would I be mad to move in the current recessionary times



  • skrpuneskrpune Member Posts: 1,409
    if you're moving to an area where the job market is better, then I'd say no, you're not mad.

    Do some research first and see where the jobs are - if there are oodles of jobs listed in your area, then it's probably better in the long run to stick it out until you find something rather than going through the expense and hassle of moving. You might try getting hooked up with a headhunter or even a temp/contract company so you can do some short term jobs to help pay the bills until you find something more permanent. I've tried to go the contract work route but the majority of positions are not anywhere near my desired travel/commute range so that hasn't quite worked out for me, but it might work out for you.
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