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Today I wrote my Network+ exam and passed (793). Leading up to this, I have studied for about 3 weeks using many training materials. I spent most of my study time reading the Sybex Network+ book and using the "TechNotes" from this site. Of course I also used the ExamCram and PrepLogic exam simulators. I really think this combination helped prepare me for the exam.

Now my concern is, I am working towards my MCSE (and after that will be HP ASE, MCSE being the pre-requisite) and I have talked with a few of my co-workers about study material for the upcoming exams (doing 70-270 first). They have suggested a wide range of material and most of these guys still have old study guides etc. One of the things that came up in the conversation was a "****" study guide. As far as I can see, this isn't really a study guide at all, but more a braindump.

At the end of this, what I really want to know is: Is there some website or something that lists what material is good/bad to study from. I've read a few posts on some forums about how its "wrong to use X_Product" etc etc.

Anyone lead me in the right direction here?


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    Am I glad to read your post!!! I hate ****! And cheaters, they suck! Anyway, I don't think are any sites specifically to differentiate between cheats and honesty, however, if you read your own post, you'll see that this site is anti-braindump, and proud of it. The product you mentioned has been filtered out by the Webmaster, automatically. If you're not sure if a product is a ****, type the name in a post, then just preview it. You'll be able to see the Webmasters filter catch most **** and filter the name out. This site has some great links to ****-free material over here. I like Tech Tutorials, McMCSE, and of course this site rocks as well!! Remember this, just because a filter does not catch a **** site, doesn't mean it's not a ****. The filter only catches what it knows. Your best bet is to stay away from anything marked "100% pass", "100% real exams", etc. Use the more popular, honest material, and you'll feel better when you pass without cheating. Check out the links above, and don't hesitate to post a question. That's what we're for, to help each other.
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    Thanks for the response.

    I didn't even notice the filter icon_eek.gif . I've searched around the net for some other material sites etc, and I see ALOT of banner type adds on various sites that offer "Guaranteed Results" etc. I just don't want to spend my employer's money (since it is his dollar) on crappy testers and crams.

    As for being "Anti-Braindump" well of course I am. If I was unemployed and lazy it might seem like a get rich quick scheme, but the bottom line here is that I have to actually DO THE WORK MYSELF or the clients I support will think I am an idiot when they request my services. Not to mention, last thing I want is more stress from not knowing how to fix a problem.

    BTW, thanks for that list
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    I hate brain **** also...You can tell the people who use them, they lack knowledge, confidence, and the ability to learn new things and how to trouble shoot and think like an IT guy....Cheaters are only cheating themselves...It has got to be emarassing to front on your education...
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