Newbie to Voice>>> Help Needed

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I need help to get started with knowing Voice things, I completed my CCIE in routing and switching and now planning for a career in Unified Communications what cisco calls it now a days.

As I have all understanding of data networks but I am at entry level in the field of voice, I have neither worked nor seen any voice equipments apart from my IP phone and don't know about them either.

Also as I don't have any work experience, need help how to get my career started in Voice

So I would like to know more about how to get started, currently i have chosen to start CCNA voice as this is the very basic exam

So what material should i Use to study not from the Exam perspective but from real production environment perspective.



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    The CCVP FAQ is a good starting point.

    Some people squeak by with Dynamips/Dynagen/GNS3 and soft phones and never actually configure a real Digital or Analog voice interface or touch a real IP Telephone.

    The Smarter People toss in some real routers, analog & digital interfaces, and real phones and fax machines.

    I suggest building a lab that at least mimics the Multi-Site Deployment Model with Centralized Call Processing (with at least 2 branch offices and a functional PSTN Cloud).

    If you "do the CCVP right" you should be able to appreciate the links I posted in the thread.
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    It wouldn't be much of trouble for you to complete your CCVP within a couple of month. The QoS exam should be a walk-in-a-park for you. For those of us without really data network background, QoS exam is a real headache.

    If you are around NYC, my company might even hire you if you don't mind start off as a VoIP NOC support :D
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