Batch file for local group policy

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I am applying a local group policy on quite a lot of PC's, we have a security group that disables C drive access for each user that we find and we dont want any other user logging in who will then have access to the C drive, we are configuring a local group policy so that only user's who are in this security group can log into the PC, hope that makes sense, lol, please dont ask why this isnt being applied at domain level trust me I have tried that one

I am logging in with my own account account and opening control panel, opening admin tool, then opening the local security policy.

Is this the same as clicking run - gpedit.msc as they dont look identical although i suspect it is the same

What i would like to do is copy the local group policy to my laptop and run a batch file that will C$ to the PC i am applying it to, I could edit the batch file to change the host name before i run it each time, this to me seems the most efficiant way to do this

Does anyone have any idea how to write such a batch file

Any help would be much appreciated

Lee H
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