Basic voice router clarification needed

Yes, I'm still learning what voice routers can and cannot do, now that I'm trying to finally get some good lab time in.

I'm using my 2600 (non-voice) router to trunk to a 2950 switch, and it's got two IP phones connected to it. I can get them to talk to each other fine. Meanwhile, I obtained a 3810 voice router with FXO/T1 ports (and DSP module) for my voice studies. Problem is, it won't trunk. I can connect analog/IP phones directly to it, but not through a switch. It doesn't do much for scalability.

When I was in school, the routers we used had CME on them, along with every conceivable port you could imagine, so it was all well and good. (I don't intend to use CME, btw). I probably need to figure out what kind of topology I can and cannot do with what I have.

Is this a problem others have run into, or is it just the way it is? Should I have gotten a voice router that could trunk in order to have avoided this issue? It does limit my capabilities.
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    Hopefully you're not confusing the Voice Trunks (over the T1) with your routing doing 802.1q trunking to support routing data between VLANs.

    If you need to route your calls to different VLANs, use the 2600 to do router on a stick and make sure the MC3810 is in a VLAN the 2600 is routing -- and make sure you have routing enabled and configured on both.

    To support analog phones on the MC3810 you'd need FXS ports. The FXO can be attached to your home phone line (or POTS Simulator, or a PSTN cloud you build yourself using more routers and voice interfaces) to get an "outside line"
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    Are you trying to simulate the PSTN? If so you’re going to need more interfaces (either analog or digital).
    Or are you using a voip dial-peer to send calls over to the MC3810 and trying to ring out on the other side?
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